Automated Quality Tests


How it works

Lightscore is a free Shopify app which performs automated tests on your online store for potential technical issues and helps you follow best practices. It then presents a detailed report with recommended course of action to fix issues, if any.

Why do I need this?

Deliver great user experience
Lightscore analyses your store and give clear guidance on how to improve user experience.
Spend less time testing
Lightscore makes your life easy by automating your manual testing process.
Maintain best practices
Lightscore will make sure your store is up-to-date with latest tech advancements and your store is at the best it can be.

See the app in action

See how this app works for our demo store.

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Yes, Lightscore is totally free to use.
LightScore performs around 115+ automated quality tests to make sure your store to check any potential technical issues and follows best practices.
These tests can be categorized into five major categories like performance, seo, accessibility, best practices and progressive web apps.
You can learn about the issues pointed out by LightScore by clicking on the issue and then click on the Learn More link. This link will take you to the page which contains necessary guidance and recommendations for that issue. You can also ask your question in the support chat or hire Shopify developers like me to help you :)
Meanwhile I'm also developing Shopify apps to help you with these out of the box.
Lightscore really shines when you make technical changes to your store like installing new apps, changing themes, launching new features etc to make sure nothing is broken.
LightScore performs around 115+ CPU intensive tests on your online store. This takes some time finish, usually around 20-60 seconds. Keep calm and take a deep breath.
LightScore uses an open-source program called Lighthouse made by Google engineers. While Lighthouse works as a chrome extension and LightScore is more specific to shopify stores.